Monday, February 23, 2009

Russia's Split Personality

Is Russia Manic-Depressive?
by Mort Malkin

Russia may be manic-depressive, but Russians are nowhere as delusional as George Will or James Inhofe on the subject of global heating (formerly global warming). Every Russian knows the planet is heating up and that we “civilized” humans are the cause. The present debate in bipolar Russia is over whether global heating is good or bad for the Motherland.

One group says that global heating has decreased the need for home heating oil world-wide and, thus, the need for Russian oil exports. Bad! The same people look back on the good old days when the severe Russian winters saved Russia from the invasions of Napoleon in the 19th century and Hitler in the 20th century. They see global heating as a net negative, and they can be relied on to vote against it in the Politburo.

The manic half of the Russian personality welcomes global warming. Russians have no Florida or Arizona where they can spend winter vacations. Oh, for some nice tropical resorts on the Black and Caspian Seas. They would gladly trade in vodka & tonic for rum swizzles. In northern Russia, global warming promises to open the Arctic Ocean to shipping year round. Russia would become an economic power. These positive-outlook folks also seek to change the world’s perception that Russians have a dark personality. They are going to show the world what real change is.

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