Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Scoop! We did it again. In “… Or Maybe They Should Retire,” Gadfly reported that Republican IT specialist Mike Connell was ordered to a deposition before a federal judge just before election day. Mike Connell was involved in voting machine and election fraud in several major elections, most notably the 2004 presidential games. The Republicans won via voter suppression, vote flipping, and other “techniques.” Connell had set up an operation, through SmarTech and two other firms in Chattanooga TN, to switch enough votes to change the election outcome, and we were yoked to George Bush for four more years.

Since the Gadfly column, Connell was deposed and did as much stone walling as he could. However, he miraculously became unhappy over subverting the American tradition of free & fair elections when he had to appear in federal court. He asked the US Attorney General and the Ohio Attorney General for protection for himself and his family, and was reportedly ready to blow the whole election larceny scheme.

Karl Rove, Gadfly said, wanted Connell to take the fall by refusing to cooperate with the court and go to jail for a while. Connell knew of the risk to his life if he went to prison and refused. Connell also refused to continue with the vote tampering for the 2008 election. Obama won, and the Connell case never made the national news.

On Friday evening, December 19, Connell’s light plane exploded near the Akron-Canton airport. Connell was killed. Shades of Paul Wellstone, except that Connell’s body has not been recovered. There are lots of unanswered questions, just as with the disastrous events of 9-11-01. Another conspiracy theory? Actual conspiracy has occurred in Washington DC, time to time, for at least eight years. Just ask Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney, and Randy Cunningham.

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