Friday, January 30, 2009

Close Guantanamo Now

Close Guantanamo Now
by Mort Malkin

President Obama publicly ordered the closing of Guantanamo but privately said it would take a year or so to relocate all the “enemy combatants.” Various Republicans in Congress, when it was suggested the inmates be transferred to Leavenworth or Alcatraz or some Texas prison, said not in my backyard.

The President could start with a special group of 17 members of the Uighur culture, Muslims from Western China, who are completely innocent. Even the Bush administration has said they were sold by bounty hunters to the CIA and have never been accused of anything. They can’t be sent back to China, because the government there, Han Chinese by culture, would persecute them. Why not give them some compensation for the CIA’s mistake — cash and a Green Card — and let them locate in New York around Mott Street where many other Asians live.

Isn’t America famous for being a Melting Pot?

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