Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love Conquers All Postscript

Love Conquers All Postscript

by Mort Malkin

Several elected government officials (Senators, Congressmen, and Governors) who have been discovered in bedrooms with women oher than their wives, have had their political careers destroyed, not to mention their marriages. They wistfully read about France and Italy where elected (male) officials have both wives and mistresses, right out in public. The names, Nicholas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi, are whispered with envy in US political chambers. Imagine, a President and a Prime Minister!

The infection of shame may be spreading from the new world to the old. A Reuters dispatch from Italy reports taped conversations (plural) between Premier Silvio Berlusconi and courtesan Patricia D’Addario. The duologues have flashed across the internet, and were printed in L’Espresso. The irony is that Silvio is a media magnate. The alleged tapes provide juicy details of a sexual liaison. Silvio does not deny that Patricia has been at his house and admits “I’m no saint,” but denies that he paid for sex.

Most recently, an additional tape has been reported, in which Berlusconi boasts of Phoenician archeological sites at his villa on Sardinia. Italian lovelies must be hard to impress. Nor is the Minister of Archeology easily impressed by Berlusconi’s position as Premier. Italian law requires all archeological sites on private property to be reported and cataloged.

Meanwhile, Berlusconi’s wife has filed for divorce. Meanwhile also, a national poll reports that Berlusconi’s approval rating has fallen below 50%. The Italians may put up with a discrete dalliance, but they don’t cotton to arrogance. Arrogance doesn’t fly on either side of the pond.

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